Improving The Safety Of Your Home

After-School Lockout Emergencies And Your Child: Helpful Prevention Tips

When your child reaches the age where you feel comfortable letting him or her head home from school alone, you want to make sure that it's easy to get into your home. Accidental lockouts can be a potential nightmare for a parent and child, but there are several steps you can take to prevent this problem from occurring. Here are some things you can do to make sure your child always has easy access to your home.

Install Electronic Locks

Lost keys can be a major reason that a child might get locked out of the home. Installing an electronic lock system can help avoid this issue. If your child is able to remember a simple passcode, an electronic keypad might be the best option for your family. Choose a lock with a key backup so you can still gain access even if the keypad's batteries go out, and be sure that your child has a way to reach you if he or she has issues opening the door. Some smart locks can even pair with your smartphone to remotely unlock the door should your child forget the code momentarily.

Add A Video Doorbell

Adding a video doorbell gives you the chance to observe your child as he or she arrives home. The camera feed is sent to your smartphone, providing a live view. Some doorbells also have intercom systems so you can communicate with your child through the doorbell. This option is ideal for checking up on your student to ensure no uninvited guests are entering your home, and it can also help if you need to walk him or her through the steps needed to enter the passcode on the keypad.

Hire The Right Locksmith

When you have your locks and doorbell installed, be sure to use a locksmith company that also offers 24-hour emergency lockout services. Having an account open with this type of business can make it easier to dispatch an emergency locksmith in the event that your electronic door lock fails and can't be opened with your smartphone, key, or keypad. You can have the locksmith arrive at your home while you are en route to help ensure your child is able to get safely into the home. Be sure to inquire about costs for lockout services up front, as this will help you budget for unexpected emergencies.

Discuss safety at home with your child when he or she is ready to begin coming home from school alone. This includes not sharing the passcode with friends and making sure to check in with you upon arrival each day. With the right steps in place, you can rest easy knowing your student is safe and comfortable at home each day after school. Reach out to a business like Bilco Safe & Lock, Inc. for more information about emergency lockout services.