Securing Your New Place

When moving into a new home, you want to go around it and make sure it offers you plenty of security. There are things you can do on both the outside and the inside of your house that will help you to prevent yourself and your family from falling victim to criminal behavior. Follow the tips provided here to turn your new home into a safer one. Check the windows and doorways [Read More]

Signs Indicating the Time Has Come to Change an Old Lock and Replace It with a High-Security One

A tried and true lock may work fine for decades. Barring severe corrosion or damage from excessive use, the mechanisms and components of a door lock should work fine. This does not mean, however, the lock maintains the appropriate defensive capabilities of a burglar. Homeowners do have to be ever on the alert for troubling indications it is time to change door locks. These indications may be very glaring or they may be subtle. [Read More]

Best Places to Hide Your Spare Key When You Leave Home

Make sure that you prevent lock-outs with a back-up key tucked in a spot around your home that is undetectable to potential intruders, trespassers, and burglars. If you do find yourself trapped on the wrong side of your home's front door, make sure that you keep the phone number of a reliable and reputable locksmith on hand, either in your phone's contacts or written down inside your wallet.  When hunting around to hide your key, skip these not-so-smart spots: [Read More]

Need to Change Your Apartment Locks? What Are Your Legal and Logistical Options?

If you've recently gone through a breakup or had to evict a roommate from your apartment, you may feel compelled to change your locks to prevent re-entry—or worse, revenge by someone upset at being ousted from stable housing. However, changing your locks on your own without permission from your landlord or superintendent can sometimes put you in violation of your lease agreement, and you may even find yourself facing an eviction action of your own if you take quick steps to change your locks. [Read More]