Improving The Safety Of Your Home

Securing Your New Place

When moving into a new home, you want to go around it and make sure it offers you plenty of security. There are things you can do on both the outside and the inside of your house that will help you to prevent yourself and your family from falling victim to criminal behavior. Follow the tips provided here to turn your new home into a safer one.

Check the windows and doorways

Make sure your windows all have blinds in place that you can close to prevent people from seeing right inside of the house. Also, check each of the windows and make sure they lock tightly. They shouldn't rock back and forth at all when they are locked, and if they do, then you want to put a secondary lock on them. Each one of the doorways leading into your house should have no places where someone can hide. This means you may need to cut back some bushes that would provide someone with some coverage to hide behind. You should also cut down bushes under the windows as well so you can see clearly if someone tries peeking through the windows.

Put up security-screen doors

Security-screen doors are made of very heavy-duty material. The screen material allows you to see through it, but it is thick enough that a person can't come up and slice the screen open to break into the house. These screen doors will also have deadbolts on them that provide you with even more protection against break-ins.

Secure your garage door

If you have a garage door with an automatic opener, a burglar can use a wire at the top of the closed door to reach in and pull on the emergency latch near the motor. You can prevent this by using a wire to secure the emergency latch to the garage door's track.

Check each of the doors

Go around the entire house and make sure all of the doors that lead to the outside have deadbolts on them. Another good thing to do when you move into your new home is to have a locksmith come out and replace all of the locks so you can be absolutely sure that no one else has keys to your house. A locksmith can also check all the locks on the doors and windows so you know all of them are secure.

Be careful with your car keys

Make sure you come up with a plan to keep your keys out of sight and out of reach of anyone wanting to break in your home. Never, never keep your car keys in your car, even if you park the car in the garage. Also, don't hang your keys on a hook that's visible from outside where people will know where they are. Always make a second set of car keys and keep them in a second location so you can get at them in case of an emergency.

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