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3 Reasons To Consider A WiFi Lock For Your Business

One of the most useful and versatile locks that you can use in your place of business is a WiFi lock, mostly because this option can provide you with a wide range of benefits and features that other options simply cannot match. Listed below are three reasons to consider a WiFi lock for your business.

Allow Access Remotely

One of the most useful features of a WiFi lock is that it can allow you to provide access to your place of business when you cannot be there in person. This is because a WiFi lock will allow you to open an app on your smartphone that will let you unlock the door from pretty much anywhere that you have Internet access. This can allow you to let your employees in to start the day if you are running late and none of them have the keys to the building because you are usually responsible for opening in the morning. 

Track Entry Times

Another useful feature of a WiFi lock is that the app associated with the lock will actually create an access log every time someone unlocks the door. This is possible because most WiFi locks will require personalized passes to be issued to everyone who is authorized to open the door. Since these passes will be used in conjunction with the app on the employees' phones, the app will be able to record exactly who is entering the building and at what times.

This can help you track down probable suspects if you discover that items were stolen from the building after hours. In addition, access logs can help you detect suspicious activity by notifying via the app if someone accesses the building after normal business hours.

Detect Tampering

Finally, a WiFi lock should be considered because it can help notify you when someone is trying to get access to your business without authorization. This is because a WiFi lock can send you notifications via your smartphone if someone is tampering with the lock, such as trying to force it or pick it. This warning will allow you to immediately contact the police in order to potentially stop the break-in before anything is stolen.

Contact a commercial locksmith today, such as King Locksmith, in order to discuss how a WiFi lock installed on the doors of your business would be able to benefit you. A WiFi lock can give you the ability to allow access to the building remotely, track entry times, and detect tampering.