Improving The Safety Of Your Home

What Burglars Look for in Their Target Homes

If you don't have the mind of a burglar, you may have never thought about what makes a home especially attractive to a thief. Here are some of the signs that a burglar might look for to show that your home could be a lucrative and easy target. 

Trash Cans Full of Goodies

When a thief sizes up your home, they may start with something as simple as your trash can's contents. If you make electronics purchases and then throw the boxes into your trash can, for example, a thief may spot them and decide that your home has some high-dollar electronics available inside. 

Overflowing Mailboxes

Another sign that thieves might look for is a mailbox that hasn't been emptied in a while. This may signal that you are away from home often or that you are very busy. A busy resident might be a little more absent-minded and occasionally forget to lock the front door. Hopefully, you have an electronic locking system that allows you to lock the doors from the office. 

Unkempt Lawns

An unkempt lawn is another sign that someone hasn't been home for a while. The added money that you might spend on a lawnmower during your vacation could save you a lot of cash if it makes a thief lose interest in your home. 


Secluded homes can be a great place for intruders. With a secluded home, thieves are able to spend more time looking closely at your home without being noticed by others and looking suspicious. If you do live in a less-traveled area, do yourself the favor of getting a home security system installed to act as your eyes and ears. 


While you may have ticked off some of the boxes on this list, this doesn't always mean that a burglar will be successful if they try to break into your home. It pays to take steps to make your home safer from attacks. To get adequate protection, you should call a locksmith such as Yearsley's Service LTD to assess how weak your door locks are. They might have you install stronger locks, replace poorly-made windows with better-security glass and integrated locks, and install an electronic system that allows you to monitor your entryways while you're gone. And you might want to spend some time with a contractor to install fences, outdoor lighting, and other features that will make it harder for an intruder to get into your home without being stopped.