Improving The Safety Of Your Home

2 Types Of Safes To Consider

Buying a safe to secure your belongings or important documents in is a great option, but there are so many different options out there that it can be more than a little difficult to pick the right one for you. In addition, each of the different safe options offers its own unique set of benefits, which can make your decision even harder. Listed below are two types of safes to consider in order to help you narrow down the selection a bit. 


One of the best safe options to consider is a multi-stage safe, mostly due to the fact that this type of safe is one of the most secure options available to you. This type of safe works by having multiple types of locks that must all be unlocked in order to gain access to the contents of the safe. For example, these safes could force you to insert and turn a key before being able to enter a combination. 

In some cases, these multi-stage safes will also have hidden or protected locking mechanisms that can only be accessed when other steps have been taken. An example of this would be a panel opening once you have entered a combination that reveals a biometric scanner. A multi-stage safe can ensure that it is extremely difficult for a thief to access it, as the thief would need to know all of the combinations, have the keys, and need to know the correct sequence to open the safe. 


Another great option to consider when looking for a safe is a WiFi safe. This type of safe is one of the most convenient options available because it will often allow you to open the safe remotely or to give other people access rights to the safe via a simple app that can be installed on your cell phone or tablet. This is ideal if someone needs immediate access to the safe while you are on vacation or simply too busy to get home and open the safe. 

This option also has a variety of safety features, such as access logs and alerts. The safe can notify you via text message or an alert through the associated app if someone is attempting to tamper with the safe or if the safe's motion sensors detect movement near the safe. In addition, the safe will keep access logs of the times that the safe was accessed and the access rights that were used to open the safe, which is very useful in narrowing down the suspects if you believe that someone stole from the safe. 

Contact a safe dealer or manufacturer today in order to discuss which safe would be the best option for your particular needs. Both multi-stage and WiFi safes are great options that can help you secure your important and valuable items.