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Getting A New Business PC-Based Access Control System? Things It Can Do For Your Business

If you are planning to install a PC-based access control system for your company, you should know that this system offers your business many benefits. Learning all of these benefits can help you understand your system better.

Provides Security

Of course you know an access control system offers security, but choosing a PC-based system other than a standalone system can offer you more. Besides giving each person a card to enter the premises or have to enter in a number, you can set up this system to require a fingerprint to enter your premises.

If you think there is any kind of security breach, you can use this system to automatically shut and lock every interior and exterior door in your business.

The PC-based access control system can also be connected to a fire alarm and/or security system. If you have an IT department and a data room, it is important that only IT employees enter and exit. This system can keep the door(s) completely secure in the same way you control who enters your premises.

Provides Time and Management

A PC-based access control system gives you much more control. You do have the option to choose a standalone system, which works fine if you only need to control one or a few doors. If you have many exits into your company or you have a large company, a PC-based system would be a good choice.

With this access control system, you can control when your employee's clocks in and clocks out if they are onsite or at multiple sites. You can use the system to generate a report showing you all of this information. You can even set up your system for this report to be exported into your payroll system. This reduces the amount of labor for you and your employee.

Saves Money

You can save money using a PC-based access control system. This I because you can link it to your air conditioning system, machinery and lighting. You can set the system up to turn these things off for a certain part of the day, such as when you close for the day. You can set the system to turn these things back on at a certain time also. This can save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

Talk with a locksmith like Midwest Lock & Security that installs this system for you, who can give you much more information.