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Installing A Coded Key Lock: Why You Might Need Help From A Commercial Locksmith

Coded key locks are an excellent way to keep your business, office, or home secure. However, most of these locks do not always fit with the doors you want protected. As such, you may need some help from a commercial locksmith, and here is why.

The Lock Requires Holes That Are Not Present

Many of these coded key locks have screw holes that are not currently present in your doors. Usually, the locking mechanism itself fits into the deadbolt or handle lock area, but extra holes for installation are needed. It takes some skill with a drill and the correct drill bit to get the holes exactly where you need them so that you are not drilling lots of unnecessary holes in the frame of your door or in the door itself. Since a commercial locksmith already has plenty of experience doing this, he or she can drill the holes for you and then either finish the lock installation or allow you to do it. 

The Lock Requires an Electrical Connection

If you are springing for a high-tech, electrical, coded keypad lock, then you will definitely need the locksmith's help. Besides drilling additional holes for installation, the lock will need to be connected to your building's electrical wiring and circuit panel. It is not recommended that anyone with little to no experience with electrical installations manage this task themselves. The commercial locksmith has this experience, which makes him or her better suited to the task. Save yourself an emergency visit to the hospital and electrocution by just having the locksmith install this type of coded keypad lock for you.

Setup of the Lock's Tumbler Combinations Are Complex or Confusing

Coded keypad locks are meant to be complicated--that is how they protect the structures and doors they are attached to. However, these locks are often complicated to set up too. The way the tumblers and tumbler combinations are set can be quite complex and confusing. You want to be sure that you have the combinations and tumblers working the way that they should so that thieves and burglars cannot bypass the codes and locks. If you still want to try setting things up and installing them yourself, that is fine, but consider having a commercial locksmith double-check your work so that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the lock's tumblers are where they are supposed to be inside the lock.

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