Improving The Safety Of Your Home

6 Ways To Protect Your Home With Locks

Have you heard about a string of break-ins in your area? Are you concerned about passing your key on to other people who need to get into your house to work? Have you recently moved into a new house? No matter your situation, it is likely that you have some concerns. Understanding these tips will help to ensure that you stay safe in your new home.

Invest in a solid dead bolt

A dead bolt is one of the best options for protecting your home, but only if it is installed correctly. A solid security plate with long screws into the door's frame is your best bet. This prevents somebody from simply breaking off your lock.

A lock with double cylinders may prevent break-ins

This is especially important if you have a window on or just next to your door. Otherwise, a burglar can simply break the glass and stick their hand inside the door. If your lock requires a key from the inside, this won't happen.

Always have your house re-keyed when you move in

When you buy a house, you want to ensure that there is no master key out there somewhere for your home. The best way you can ensure that nobody else has a key to your house is to have keys installed on your own.

Don't trust your key that says "Do not duplicate."

Simply because a key is not meant to be duplicated does not mean that it won't be. High-security locks and keys are available to ensure that you will never run into a situation where your key has been replicated

Always try the door before you leave

This sounds like a no-brainer, but the truth is that many break-ins occur simply because the doors and windows were never locked. Always give your door one last check before you leave the house.

Learn how to give out keys

If you must call in housekeepers, plumbers, and other technicians, you do not want to give out all your keys. Instead, use a master key for the deadbolt and door knob for yourself. Give these other people a key only to the doorknob, not locking the deadbolt when you expect them to come over.

Being able to lock your door and leave your home without fearing that something terrible will happen is an essential part of being happy with where you live. Need help getting better locks? Get in touch with a locksmith to learn more.