Improving The Safety Of Your Home

Investing In Keyless Locks For More Business Security

Are you worried because several businesses that are near yours were recently burglarized? If you are concerned because your door locks are not very secure, you might want to hire a locksmith to upgrade them to another type. It is worth giving some consideration to locks that do not operate with the use of keys, as they are more difficult for burglars to pick open. Below, you will discover some helpful information about keyless locks that will help you decide if they are right for your business or not.

Why Are Keyless Locks Difficult to Pick Open?

Keyless locks are difficult for burglars to pick open because one of the common techniques used for picking locks becomes worthless. For instance, burglars often use a technique that is called lock bumping to pick locks. A special key is used inside of a keyhole to manipulate the internal parts. The key is simply bumped with any hard object to force the lock open. If you get keyless locks installed on the doors, there will be no keyholes for lock bumping to be performed.

What Can Be Used in the Place of a Key?

The great thing about keyless locks is that there are several types available on the market. You can choose a lock type that will best meet the needs of your business. For instance, if you run a business that does not involve customers actually coming inside, you can opt for locks that will only open if an employee's handprint is used. If certain employees are put in charge of opening the doors each day, you can opt for locks that use cards or personal identification numbers. The perk about keyless locks is that they can be quickly deactivated for specific people with access, such as if you fire an employee.

Do Keyless Locks Need Electricity to Operate?

There are keyless locks that do not use electricity to operate, but many of the models do. The perk about using electricity is that it makes it even more difficult for burglars to manipulate the parts. But keep in mind that the locks that use electricity can stop working if there is ever a power outage. However, you can opt for locks that have a battery powered backup when the electricity is off.  Talk to commercial locksmiths, such as those at Southern California Security Centers, about your security needs so they can install the most appropriate kind of keyless locks.