Improving The Safety Of Your Home

Unique Spots In Your Yard For The Hiding Of Your Spare House Key

If is important for you to make sure that you are never going to have to deal with the problem of being locked out of the house again, you will need to find adequate hiding spots for a spare key. Take a few moments to review the following suggestions to help find the one that would suit you the best.

Under Decorative Colored Glass Stones

Small decorative glass stones can add a lot of beauty around the outside of your home and they can be a great way to hide a spare key. Simply add these little colored stones to the top of your planters or in the bottom of a bird bath after you first place a spare key down. Just make sure that the key is protected from rust by sealing it in a small sandwich bag and that it is being completely covered with dark colored glass stones so it is not noticeable when someone walks past it.

In The Bottom Of A Mailbox Attached To Your House

This works best for mailboxes that are attached to the front of your house because it is easier to hide the key because the interior bottom of the mailbox is not in plain sight upon opening it. Also, since the mailbox is attached to your house, it is less likely that anyone is going to randomly mess with it. Simply measure and cut a thin piece of metal so it will fit in the bottom of your mailbox. Make sure to keep it slightly shorter in length so that you can easily grab and lift it. Keep the spare key flat and hide it under that fake bottom that you have created so if someone does reach into your mailbox, they are not going to feel it.

Under The Seed In The Bird Feeder

You will first need to empty the bird feeder of all its seed. Then, give the interior of the bird feeder a quick wash and allow it to thoroughly dry, as this ensures that bird seed dust will not cause a problem when it comes to securing the key in place. Once the interior is nice and dry, lay the key down and secure it in place with an industrial tape that is going to cover the entire thing. This will help protect against rust from any water that may find its way inside of the bird feeder. Cover it with bird seed and make sure that you are periodically checking whether more seed needs to be added so the key is always properly covered.

With just those three suggestions in mind, it should be easy for you to come up with a plan for hiding a spare house key in your own yard.