Improving The Safety Of Your Home

Bad Break-Ups And Crazy Exes? How To Legally Protect Yourself

Everyone has had that one really bad ending to a relationship, and sometimes the person you break up with does not seem to get it or is just really not cooperating with the ending of an era. When you break up with someone who clearly has some psychological issues, you may be terrified that he or she will do far worse things to you, your car, your home, and even your children. When the concerns are overwhelming and causing you to jump at every turn, you need to protect yourself and protect what is yours. Here is how you can do that legally when you cannot acquire a restraining order.

Security Cameras

Security cameras and systems are now quite affordable. Many big box and club stores offer kits that include anywhere from two cameras to ten. You can set up your cameras such that they keep a close eye on your car late at night and on your home while you are away during the day. They work via WiFI signals and even record several hours' worth of footage, which you can then review to see if anything untoward occurred in your absence. The cameras can be very useful in the event that a scorned ex decides to carry out a planned assault, drive-by shooting, or kidnapping. Then you can use the footage in court to put your ex away for a very long time. For more information, contact companies like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc.

Conceal and Carry Permits

Many states now allow you to take a "conceal and carry" class, which grants you a permit to carry a gun on your person for protection. If you are really worried about being able to protect yourself, you may want to take a class and acquire the permit. Then you will also need to purchase a gun you can easily handle in the event that you have to defend yourself against your ex. The permits may also allow you to carry a gun in your vehicle if your ex approaches your vehicle while you are in it and displays threatening behavior or flaunts a weapon.

Self-Defense Classes

No, you do not have to learn karate or kung fu. There are actually some non-martial arts classes in self-defense that give you pointers on how to defend yourself. They used to be labeled "women's self-defense classes" because they targeted single women, but the name has changed. The techniques, however are the same; poking your assailant in the eyes, a knee to the groin if your assailant is male, a punch to the throat to momentarily cut off one's ability to breathe, etc. You may want to take such a class if you think that your ex will attempt to get you into close quarters before attacking you.