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Throw Away The Keys: Options For A Keyless Entry System For Your Home

 If you have a job in an office building, chances are you have used a keyless door entry system to gain access to your workplace. While keyless locks are commonplace in commercial settings, they are not as common for main entry systems in homes. If the idea of ditching your house keys for a state-of-the-art keyless entry system intrigues you, the following guide can help you understand your options when you are ready to call a locksmith and convert to digital smartlocks.

Types of Keyless Entry Systems

You have several options when it comes to keyless entry systems for you home. You can have a keypad system installed that provides access via a secure code. These types of keyless systems also enable you to set different codes for different people in your family and for others who need access to your home. You can have the locksmith restrict some codes so they only work at certain times of the day.

Instead of using a traditional key to gain entry to your home, you can use a keycard if you install a card lock system. The keycard can be similar to what you receive when you stay at a hotel to gain access to a room. Or you can purchase a system that uses a proximity card reader. Your card will unlock the door when it touches a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader on your doors.

If you are not ready to throw away your keys, you can install a combo system that uses a traditional key plus a keypad. Anyone who enters your house will have to know your code in addition to having a key.

Keeping Tabs on Your Keyless System

Because keyless entry systems are electronic, they can also tie in to your home's wireless network. Some keyless systems come with software that will enable you to view the activity of your keyless entry system from anywhere in the world via a web-based interface or an app on your smartphone.

Alarm System Integration

For added security, you can purchase a keyless entry system that ties into your home's existing alarm system. If you want to upgrade your alarm system, consider bundle packages that include keyless door entry, an alarm system and monitoring apps.

The advantage of these integrated systems is that they can also tie in to other electronic devices in your home such as your garage doors, thermostats, and lighting. With these digital features, you can control and monitor nearly every electronic aspect of your home 24 hours a day from anywhere on the globe. For more information, talk to a professional like Fradon Lock Co Inc.