Improving The Safety Of Your Home

Smart Locks: Are They Really Worth It?

When it comes to keeping your home secure, you now have the choice of using regular locks with keys or smart locks that you can operate with an Internet-connected device. The options with smart locks far outweigh regular locks, but they really do not offer any better security. Consider the following and then talk with a locksmith to have any new locks installed so you are sure they provide you with the security you need.

Ease of Access

Having a smart lock on your front door will allow you to open or secure the door from almost anywhere. This means that you can let someone into the house while you are at work or out for the evening. It can be very handy if you have forgotten something at home and a friend is going to bring it to you or if a service person needs to repair something while you are not home. When a relative is going to be staying with you for a short time, you can provide him or her with an access code and then shut off that code once the company is gone. In addition, being able to unlock the door from the car makes things easier on you, especially if you have things to bring in or just do not want to stand at the door fumbling in the dark for a key.


One of the biggest drawbacks of using a smart lock is the number of ways it can malfunction. If there is an interruption of your cell phone service, you will not be able to use the system. This is also true if there is a power outage and the batteries have gone bad (or if someone swiped the batteries for some other use). In addition, there could be a problem within the electronic parts of the lock. Because of the possibility of a malfunction, it is important that everyone carry a key for the lock. Of course, if the keys get lost or forgotten, you can always call a locksmith to get you into the house.


When it comes down to the actual lock mechanism, some smart locks use the exact same one you have in place now. An additional piece is added to the inside of the door that contains the electronic parts and batteries. This means the lock is still pickable. The only added security is, if someone tries to hack into the system to get inside, you will get an alert on your phone. If you are looking for added security,  ask a locksmith about high-security locks. These locks are designed to reduce the likelihood of a compromise. They cannot be purchased in most hardware stores and usually require a professional to install them. However, if you have a smart key system that fits over your existing locks, you can use a high-security lock with it too.

Whether you choose to have smart locks installed or not is entirely your choice. Talk with a locksmith to decide which type of lock will best suit your needs and budget.